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Where Does the Money Go?

Funds raised for the HEALED Community Movement will support life-saving research conducted by the American Cancer Society’s Population Science research team that contributes to improving our knowledge of nearly every aspect of cancer, from what causes it to how we can end it. The Society’s teams of expert researchers have been collecting and analyzing data in the United States for decades, producing news-making and practice changing findings. Studies like these have been conducted by the American Cancer Society since the early 50s – and have shown how lifestyle, medical, environmental, and genetic factors relate to cancer, cancer risk, survivorship and survival. Findings from these studies and others also help us to effectively promote positive behavioral changes – like quitting smoking or being more active. This work has contributed to the 31% drop in cancer death rates between 1991 and 2018 and will advance the Society’s goal of reducing cancer mortality to 40% by 2035. You can learn more about reducing your risk of cancer by making healthy choices at

The first project the HEALED movement will fund is an online physical activity intervention designed specifically for cancer survivors.  This study will expand the original pilot that was tested by 85 cancer survivors to 400.  The results from the initial pilot were overwhelmingly positive – survivors who participated found the program to be motivational and learned that exercise is safe and helpful for cancer survivors.  By the end of the study, participants spend significantly less time sitting and more time exercising and/or simply being active in their daily lives.  The expanded pilot study will allow the American Cancer Society to develop and launch a new and improved interactive website with the goal of reaching an unlimited number of cancer survivors across the country to provide this greatly needed resource free of charge.