HEALED - Health & Energy through Active Living Every Day - is a community movement to educate and encourage people to live healthier lives in the present moment. Research shows that a more active lifestyle can reduce cancer risk, improve quality of life, and minimize the physical and psychological side effects after a cancer diagnosis.

The HEALED community will collectively help those in need and support each other in living life to the fullest. HEALED community members are invited to weekly gatherings hosted by Pat Croce, featuring expert guests and cancer survivors on topics related to physical, mental, and spiritual health. Discussion will include nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness. Members receive a beautiful lava bead bracelet - which not only symbolizes unity, but also growth, renewal, and healing.


 New schedule! Our live Gatherings hosted by Pat Croce will now be quarterly and in between the Gatherings, we will share short exclusives intended to inform, engage, and inspire everyone. Our first Quarterly Community  Gathering will take place on May 4th. Stay tuned for more information!


There has been a


drop in cancer death rates between 1991 and 2018

There are


million cancer survivors in the
US today

The American Cancer Society has set a challenge goal to reduce overall cancer mortality to


by 2035

Pat Croce
HEALED Community Movement

“Being part of this enlightening Community means you’re doing good. You’re making a positive difference, not only in the lives of others, but also in your life. Sharing in the service of love is great medicine for the giver as well as the receiver. I want you to know that we are collectively helping to instill and fulfill the peace, happiness and wholeness inherent within each of us.” 

Erika Rees-Punia, PhD, MPH
HEALED Principal Scientist 

“Physical activity is an effective way for cancer survivors to improve various aspects of their health, yet at least 70% of survivors are not getting enough physical activity. Our goal with HEALED is to teach cancer survivors how to be physically active in a safe, effective, enjoyable, and sustainable way.”